$10,000 Super Raffle

Twice a year, the Park West Lions Club hosts a $10,000 Super Raffle. The next Super Raffle is scheduled for Saturday, 13 April.

A ticket costs $100 and admits two people to attend the raffle. A maximum of 300 tickets are sold. A buffet is served and there is an open bar for the evening. Each ticket sold is numbered and all the numbers are placed into a tumbler.

Payout is: 1st number called wins $100.00 Every 10th number called from 10-200 wins $50 – 10 minute intermission – Every 10th number called from 210-290 wins $100 – 10 minute intermission – Every number called from 291-299 wins $100 – 300th number called receives $10,000. The last 10 guests whose numbers have not been drawn will be given the opportunity to split the $10,000.

If all ten people agree to split the prize, they are given $1,000 each. If one person does not agree to split, we draw another number for elimination. We repeat this process until all the remaining participants agree to split or there is one remaining number, which wins the entire $10,000. After the raffle we have live music for entertainment.

Total payout $12,900.00

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